Powerful tropical cyclone will not affect the UAE

After 24 hours, a powerful cyclone will fall on the Arabian coast, but it will not affect the UAE.

Dubai, UAE. The meteorological services of the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman are monitoring the approach of a powerful tropical cyclone to the Arabian Peninsula.

It is expected that it will reach the coast of the peninsula by Thursday, and although it does not affect the territory of the UAE, it will bring strong wind and cloudiness. Forecasters predict that the cyclone will collapse on the coast of Oman in the Salalah region, and gusts of wind can reach 129 km / h by that time. The cyclone will bring with it heavy rains and a gale.

UAE authorities warn all residents of the dangers of spreading gossip and false information about the approaching cyclone and trust only official information. On Thursday in the UAE, clear weather is expected, partly cloudy. The temperature will rise to 44.3 degrees Celsius.

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