Wizards from ARES Car Tuning Studio

In the world there are only five salons of a tuning studio under the ARES Performance brand. And I was lucky to visit one of them.

The Italian luxury car design studio ARES opened in Dubai in November 2014. Impeccable quality and exquisite work were immediately appreciated by representatives of the Gulf royal families, well-known politicians and businessmen. Many bookings come from five- and seven-star hotels.

Only here people come to choose a new car in the color of their favorite handbag.

It is interesting that the authors of unusual ideas are sometimes not women, but representatives of the stronger sex. And, as you know, the car that took the place of her beloved in the sheikh’s garage will definitely become a bestseller, as it once happened with the Gelendvagen. By the way, this absolutely brutal military vehicle was subjected to all kinds of expensive modifications in various ateliers, and the most luxurious of them, in my opinion, was made in ARES.

ARES style performance is real art. Masters change both the appearance and the internal structure of the car, focusing on beautiful, streamlined forms, a lot of exquisite details and the incredible comfort that expensive materials exude. Some customers ask for Hermès and Cartier leather upholstered car seats, others stop at an ostrich, exotic reptiles or crocodile.

ARES is ready to make changes in accordance with any wishes of the client, even in the appearance of the steering wheel and wheels. The latter, by the way, are trying to make here from the most light metals.

Most often, owners of Rolls-Royce and supercars contact the Dubai atelier.

During the visit, my attention was drawn to the order of one influential family from the UAE for the modification of the Bentley Continental. In ARES, the owners were looking for an exclusive color scheme - gray-beige color with a pearl shimmer.

Now everything is fine in this car - the exterior and interior design, which combines elements of immortal luxury and sports character; exclusive handmade interior made from the best materials; exciting dynamics combined with all-wheel drive; the famous powerful 4-liter Bentley V8 S twin-turbo engine; stylish cream-beige, plain seats, fitted with Bottega Veneta leather; walnut two-tone steering wheel with chrome inserts.

Among other things, the maximum speed of the new sedan is 306 km / h, and thanks to improvements, this luxury vehicle accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds. Embroidery on the headrests was also attached to the order, but the hostess gracefully refused it, leaving only the Bentley brand name.

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