At a luxury Dubai resort, a restaurant opened by an eminent chef

World famous chef Alain Ducasse opened his first restaurant in the United Arab Emirates.

Alain Ducasse, a world-renowned chef, opened his first restaurant in the United Arab Emirates: miX Dubai - a space that spans three floors of the Emerald Palace Kempinski, with unmatched views of the sea and Palm Jumeirah.

The restaurant space is divided into three separate zones. Above them hangs an element representing a modern interpretation of traditional Islamic vaults.

The central element of the restaurant is the giant Faberge egg, which is located inside the Emerald Palace Kempinski dome and covers all three floors. Chef Ducasse collaborated with Manuel Clavel to recreate this luxurious and elegant element, symbolizing the secret in the very center of his establishment.

The top floor of the restaurant is a real gem - the workplace of the chef. It is hidden from view and can only be reached by private elevator. It has its own kitchen, terrace and table for 12 guests. The incredible ambience complemented by DJ sets fills miX with energy and elegance.

The miX restaurant offers a varied menu that will change depending on the season. The main theme of the menu will be the interaction of French cuisine with local and international culinary scenes. MiX DELUX specialties include pickled blue shrimp, caviar, duck foie gras, Dolce Forte sauce and scallops.

The next area is the lounge bar. This is a more comfortable, informal area where guests can enjoy a rich selection of wines and cocktail menus in a relaxed atmosphere. The terrace offers spectacular views of Dubai.

The miX + zone, seating 70 people, offers a cozy atmosphere, its own bar and a unique viewing platform. On the terrace opposite the miX +, guests will find another hall for 48 people, located just below the main dome of the building.

miX Dubai opened on December 15th. The kitchen is led by chef Hugh Gerard, trained under the guidance of Ducasse. The main pastry chef of the establishment was Douglas Oberson, who has extensive experience working with French cuisine.

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