When is the best time to go to the Emirates?

To answer this question, check out the annual events calendar below.

January February. Shopping Festivals in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. For almost a month, these cities are turning into a giant fair. The number of tourists at this time is many times greater than the local population, and discounts on goods reach 40%. During these months, the annual open-air trade fair - Global Village ("World Village") is open. In pavilions and kiosks in more than 40 countries, traditional goods and souvenirs are presented. There are also amusement rides.

February March. ATP Men's Open Tennis Tournament and WTA Women's Tournament (ATP Men's Tennis Open & WTA Tournament).

March. Dubai Desert Classic is the stage of the World Golf Championship. Dubai to Muscat Sailing Race

March, April. Dubai Horse Racing World Cup. The most expensive and prestigious equestrian competitions in the world. The most expensive and prestigious equestrian competitions in the world. This year, more than 200 horses from 19 countries competed in Dubai, and the prize pool of the competition amounted to US $ 25 million.

April. Professional Beach Soccer Tournament (Dubai Pro Beach Soccer Tournament).

June-September. Dubai Summer Surprises Festival. Adult festival guests will enjoy discounts on hotel accommodation, and their children will enjoy contests, exhibitions, lotteries and carnivals in all major shopping centers. The main attraction center for children remains the Modhesh Fun City.

November. Desert Challenge Motor Rally.

December. Championship of the International Union of water-motor sports (UIM) among the racing boats Formula 1 (UIM Formula One Power Boat Championship). Dubai International Rugby Tournament.

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