Dubai water canal

According to the RTA Dubai (Dubai Roads and Transport Committee), the first stage of construction of the Dubai Water Canal is 40 percent completed.

The first stage of work includes the construction of a bridge under the canal on the Sheikh Zayed Highway. The traffic intersection in the area will be completely redesigned to allow free movement between the two banks of the canal. The width of the bridge will be about 800 meters. Also, as part of this phase, the bridge will be equipped with all the necessary communication systems, lighting and fountains. At the second stage, bridges will be built over the water channel on Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Road, 8.5 meters high, under which yachts can freely pass. As part of the third stage, a three-kilometer canal will be built that will connect the bay of Business Bay Canal with the Persian Gulf.

The cost of the Dubai Water Canal project will be 7.34 billion dirhams. The length of the waterway will be about three kilometers, and the width is from 80 to 120 meters. All construction work under the project, including the construction of bridges, is planned to be completed by 2017. As a result of construction, the coastal part of the city will be increased by six kilometers.

The project will also build new shopping and entertainment centers, connected by a bridge, over 450 new restaurants along the marinas and four international-class hotels. At the first stage of the project, a chic four-level shopping center will be erected that will connect Business Bay with the project area with a total area of ​​50 thousand square meters. It is expected that in general the project will attract from 20 to 22 million tourists each year.

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