Roberto Bravo immortalized the name of Santa Claus

Turkish Jewelry House Roberto Bravo has released another high-profile collection. On August 15, in Antalya, at the Rixos Downtown Hotel, Roberto Bravo organized an event with the Santa Claus International Peace and Consent Council during which he presented the Santa Claus collection dedicated to the patron saint of sailors Saint Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus.

The collection, which is based on the Anchor Cross, interspersed with a gravestone located in the church of St. Nicholas in Demre (Antalya), was made of gold, silver and decorated with diamonds. Part of the proceeds that will be received from the sale of collections will be transferred as a financial contribution to the Peace Council and the Santa Claus consent in order to maintain and maintain world peace.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Roberto Bravo Mustafa Camara, the collection will be sold in 35 countries of the world and, thus, contribute to the advertising of Turkey. Recall that St. Nicholas was born in 245 in Patara, Antalya. Following the Christian tradition, he was educated in Jerusalem. He lived in Demre and died in 326. Nicholas, who is not a clergyman, was elected by the priests as the bishop of Myra and was later ranked as a saint. Known for his kindness, St. Nicholas helped Demre in times of famine, saved sailors from disasters, and ordinary people from misfortunes.

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