New forms

This winter, the Emirates art community is experimenting with forms, giving preference to large volumes

Declarations of El Seed

The first solo exhibition of 3D sculptures "Declarations" from the artist and thinker, creating under the name El Seed, takes place in the Tashkeel Gallery. To create giant frescoes, the author uses traditional Arabic calligraphy, experimenting with free space. The new exposition is based on a poem about love, where each letter immerses the viewer in its plot and offers to create. All this is a proof of love and a way of materializing them.

When and where: until December 27, Tashkeel, Nad Al Shiba

Signs of love

The Loveism exhibition of the famous artist and one of the pioneers of the Hec One graffiti genre from South Florida is waiting for all street-style lovers in the Street Art Gallery. The name of an artist experimenting with street aesthetics is well known in the USA and Latin America, and his handwriting is recognizable against the background of authors of related genres. Street Art Gallery is constantly updating the exposition, presenting the works of both famous and novice authors in the genre of street art from the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

When and Where: Until Mid-December, Street Art Gallery, Jumeirah 1

Vision through the light

This fall and winter, lovers of contemporary art will have something to discuss: in Abu Dhabi, the exhibition "Vision Through the World" opens - the collection of the Solomon Guggenheim Museum Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Collection. The starting point for the exhibition was the theme of light - the basic aesthetic principle in art. Here you can see 16 art objects - painting, video and sculpture, presented in five sections: active light, heavenly, perceptual, reflected and transcendental. A grandiose project consisting of the works of Angela Bullock, Robert Irwin, Yayoi Kusama, Otto Pine, Monir Shahrudi and other artists.

When and where: until January 19, 2015, Manarat Al Saadiya

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