Vacation is the best doctor

Text: Natalia Remmer


Wide range of services

The high level of service and qualifications of doctors, the most modern equipment, a comfortable climate, friendly atmosphere and lower prices than in Europe and the USA annually attract more and more “medical” tourists to Thailand. One of the most famous outpatient complexes in Thailand - the capital Bangkok Hospital - last year alone, 137 000 patients from 150 countries were accepted for treatment. Europeans prefer to visit the country in winter to wait out the cold, and the inhabitants of the Arab countries, on the contrary, improve their health and take refuge in the Land of Smiles from the summer sweltering heat.

Opened in 1972, Bangkok Hospital in four decades of work has earned a reputation as one of the most famous medical institutions in the world. Today, the medical campus is a campus of six hospitals, 27 specialized clinics and 35 medical centers under one roof. Here you can get almost any service - from early diagnosis of diseases to surgical operations on the heart and treatment of cancer. The clinic pays great attention to the prevention of diseases and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Comprehensive survey programs are true allies in this good deed. Thus, specialized techniques have been developed for the early diagnosis of breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Another unique achievement of the hospital is the Anti-Aging Center. Here, according to individual recipes, vitamin and mineral preparations are selected that slow down the aging process and improve the quality of life.

An innovation that Bangkok Hospital is truly proud of is the opening of the only Southeast Asian Center for Sports Surgery and Rehabilitation accredited by the FIFA International Football Federation.

Athletes from all over the world come here to recover from injuries, including football stars. Athletes from around the world come to recover from injuries, including football stars.

Bangkok is an ultra-modern metropolis that carefully preserves ancient traditions. That is why, in addition to high-tech medical care, Bangkok Hospital offers to conduct a course of treatment using traditional medicine methods, including acupuncture sessions and Thai therapeutic massage (after spinal surgery). A few months ago, the Center also opened a psychiatric and psychological assistance center, ready to offer yoga and meditation programs.

High quality standards

Today, more than 1000 doctors of various specialties and 800 nurses work in Bangkok Hospital. One of the priorities for the staff is an individual approach to patients, care and participation in their fate. Therefore, the clinic operates in an all-inclusive mode, providing a variety of services - from issuing visas, booking tickets and hotels and organizing transfers to the airport by limousine, to providing patients with translators (completely free!) And accommodating relatives and accompanying persons.

Many Bangkok Hospital doctors received specialized education and residency in medical institutions in the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia, and the clinic itself is accredited by the Joint International Commission JCI, which is the "gold standard" of modern medicine. Only the largest medical centers in the world that have an impeccable reputation and are constantly striving to innovate and improve service are awarded this honor. Experts say that to receive JCI accreditation for compliance with 300 parameters of the quality of procedures, equipment, staff qualifications, facilities and much more, it means to actually enter the cohort of the most prestigious clinics in the world and earn world recognition.

Moreover, since 2002, the Joint International Commission launched the specialized DCSC certification, the receipt of which means that disease treatment programs are the most comprehensive, effective and safe. Bangkok Hospital has already received DCSC certificates for the treatment of acute coronary syndrome, heart failure, diabetes mellitus, diseases of the sacral spine, as well as for conservative treatment of breast cancer (one of the few in the world!) And post-stroke rehabilitation. The German organization TEMOS granted the clinic accreditation for telemedicine programs, the European Association EURAMI gave it the title of the main center of aviation and emergency medicine in Southeast Asia, FIFA - the center of sports medicine.

This spring, Bangkok Hospital has special offers for a comprehensive examination of patient health. Details can be found on the official website www. There you can find biographies of doctors, the cost of services, as well as make an appointment for a consultation.

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