Telephone communications

The UAE international code is 971.

To call from the CIS countries to the UAE, dial 8-10-971 + area code + subscriber number. To call from the emirate to the emirate, or from a mobile number to a landline, dial 0 + area code + subscriber number. When calling from a landline (street) to a mobile, dial before number 050.

Phone codes in the UAE

  • Dubai 4
  • Abu Dhabi 2
  • Al Ain 3
  • Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain 6
  • Ras Al Khaimah 7
  • Fujairah 9
  • Certificate of account status * 121 #
  • Internet User Support 800 101

If you need to call from the UAE to the CIS and Baltic countries, you should dial 00 + country code + city code + subscriber number.

While in the UAE, you can use the roaming services of mobile operators in your country. The cost of one minute of conversation is approximately US $ 3.

Telephone codes of the CIS and Baltic

  • Azerbaijan 994
  • Armenia 374
  • Belarus 375
  • Georgia 995
  • Kazakhstan 7
  • Kyrgyzstan 996
  • Latvia 371
  • Lithuania 370
  • Moldova 373
  • Russia 7
  • Tajikistan 7
  • Turkmenistan 993
  • Uzbekistan 998
  • Ukraine 380
  • Estonia 372

For a more economical mobile connection, we recommend that you purchase a SIM card from a local mobile operator ETISALAT or DU. An on-net call costs approximately US $ 0.07 per minute. SIM cards can be purchased at any branch and office of the company, which are mainly located in shopping centers, at a price of 165 dirhams (US $ 44). You must have the original or a copy of your passport and visa with you. The process of activating the SIM card takes only 10 minutes. If you purchased a SIM card in a regular store, then it will be activated the next day. Etisalat phone calling cards are sold at any kiosk, store, supermarket, at hotel staff, at gas stations with a nominal value of 25, 40, 100, 200, 500 dirhams. The preferential tariff for long-distance calls is valid at night - from 21.00 to 09.00 in the morning, on Fridays and on holidays. Phone cards of payment Du - 20, 50, 100, 200 dirhams. For more information, call 101 or visit and

For an international call, you can use a street payphone, plastic cards cost from 30 drx.

Wireless free Internet - Wi-Fi can be used in almost any cafe in large shopping centers and small cafes on the central streets of the city, at the airport and even in stores. The city has a huge number of Internet cafes, where an hour of work on the network will be - from 5 drx (US $ 1.32).

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