Garden of miracles

If you are planning a vacation to Dubai, be sure to check out the new sights of the emirate, which always strives to be the best and the first. Believe me, there is much of what you will not meet anywhere else in the world.

October 15 opened the second season of the Dubai Miracle Garden, which spreads over the territory of Dubailand on an area of ​​721 thousand square meters. meters. After the summer break, the number of flowers doubled and reached 90 million. The Garden entered the Guinness Book of Records as the holder of the world's longest flower wall (800 meters long) and unique 15-meter flower clocks, also the largest on earth. In the fragrant "village" there are ten flower houses and a palace with a stunning variety of plants, including a sunflower that tracks the movement of the sun in orbit. There are no forbidden fruits in the wonderland. Here you can pluck and feast on fruits, berries and vegetables. From medicinal plants, you can independently prepare medicinal herbal tea. Another discovery - Butterfly Park - is located on an area of ​​1800 square meters. meters. He will begin to receive visitors in November under nine "domes", each of which will be inhabited by different types of fluttering creatures. The Butterfly Museum will also be located here. Guests wandering along the alleys of the miraculous garden can always eat light snacks or drinks, or buy souvenirs in the souvenir shop.

The garden is open daily from 09.00-23.00.

Entrance fee - 20 drx, for children under three years old - free of charge.

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