176 new speed cameras to be installed on Dubai's roads

Dubai authorities together with the traffic police plan to install 176 new speed cameras on the roads of the emirate.

These cameras will be installed within the next 18 months. This decision was made in connection with the efforts of the authorities to bring the number of accidents on Dubai roads to zero.

According to Major General Mohammed Safe Al Zafin, head of the Dubai Traffic Police, 32% of speed cameras have already been installed under the new speed control system. This number included 299 fixed cameras, 35 mobile, 6 road tracking cameras and 156 signaling devices. “The installation of new cameras is part of our strategy to bring the number of deaths in accidents to zero per 100 thousand people,” said Al Zafin. “We plan to achieve such indicators by 2020. The places where new speed cameras will be installed will be determined in accordance with with traffic accident statistics in a given area. "