Cafes, restaurants, bars

In the restaurants and bars, of which there are a great many in the UAE, you will be offered the cuisine of any country in the world: here you can taste Chinese, Iranian, Arabic, Lebanese, Filipino, Indian, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Polynesian, Spanish, English, French, Greek, as well as Russian and Uzbek dishes.

In the UAE, despite the hot climate, you can not be afraid for the quality of products and finished products from them even on the street: an incorruptible sanitary-epidemiological service strictly monitors compliance with all necessary norms and rules.

Restaurants in hotels mainly offer international cuisine, as well as original, incomparable local dishes of lamb, chicken and fish, spicy seasonings and sauces.

How much money do you have to spend on food?

If you are satisfied with a meal of salted kefir (0.75 drh), shawarma (5 drh) and some fruit, then it will cost you less than US $ 3. Juice or "cocacola" from a vending machine costs 2 drh.

Residents of city hotels can easily find two or three establishments within a radius of "walking distance" offering a buffet for 40-200 drx (about US $ 11-50), especially if you arrive there before 16.00. In large supermarkets like Spinney's, Carrefour, you can buy ready-made take-away food. Let's say fried chicken costs only 12 drh there (about US $ 3).

To whom and how much should I leave "for tea"?

In many restaurants, tips are included in the cost of the service (Service charge 16%), but if the menu does not say this, then when paying the bill you need to add about 10% of the amount. The porter at the airport or at the hotel is usually given 5-10 drx.

Where can I smoke hookah in Dubai? How much does it cost and is it unhealthy?

There are many Arabian coffee houses in the city. These are small cozy cafes in the Arabic style, very different in class. Their menu includes coffee, tea, oriental sweets and hookah. These establishments are in special demand among the local population, leading a calm, measured lifestyle. It is here that the Arabs relax, having leisurely conversations, playing backgammon, smoking a hookah, or simply contemplating the world around them. We recommend visiting one of these establishments in order to fully plunge into the atmosphere of the East and slow down your life rhythm.

Usually smoking a hookah (in Arabic it is called "shisha") costs from 30 drx (US $ 8). If you are not familiar with this device, do not be shy: the waiter will be happy to show you how to use it, and will also quickly change extinct coal. If you wish, you can buy your device for "nargile" for 120-170 dirhams (US $ 32-46). Hookah tobacco is sold even in the smallest stores. The effect of getting used to it does not occur. After examining the pack, you will see that it contains 10-20 times less tar and nicotine than your favorite cigarettes. People with hookahs can be seen in designated restaurants.

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